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Welcome to the
Contingency Planning Exchange

Founded in 1985, Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE) is dedicated to keeping its members on the cutting edge of information and trends related to ensuring that business, industry and government continue to operate both during and after a crisis. This goal is achieved through educational programs and encouraging relationships with peers across private and public sectors.

CPE strives to meet the needs of each individual member by offering a variety of ideas and resources to continually enhance business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis/emergency strategies and tools. Our programs encourage the sharing of ideas and best practices across all industry classifications. Our educational meetings also enhance networking opportunities and foster new business relationships by connecting members, prospects, and trusted vendors.

The CPE is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit educational corporation.


The Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE) was established to provide its members with innovative strategies, tools, and forums to advance the practice of business continuity and crisis/risk management. To achieve its mission, the CPE:


  • Hosts at least four industry-leading events annually encompassing current issues and future challenges for the contingency/business continuity planner.
  • Gathers ideas from members through our event evaluation process to ensure future programs meet the needs and desires of our members.
  • Educates and fosters the individual and professional growth of its membership through interactions with industry experts and pre-eminent service and product providers
  • Facilitates information-sharing, and identifies challenges and opportunities across diverse industries and between the public and non-governmental business community sectors
  • Promotes the recognition of operational resiliency as a priority among business and government leaders


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Educate and Network
The CPE prides itself on its ability to engage its members, to develop and enhance opportunities, and to create business relationships. Connecting members, partners, and prospects with vendors who provide state of the art tools and services results in a more resilient industry for all.


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Demand for Knowledge
This, along with the evolving complexities of the world today, has created an increasing request for knowledge, education and innovative approaches about the expanding field of business continuity.

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